Vytopna Restaurant

Vytopna Restaurant. The place where the beer arrives by train

It is said that Czechs are the world’s greatest beer drinkers. Statistically speaking.  Almost 150 liters of beer per capita, last year, that is around 300 large pints, per capita! The Czechs probably drink it with their first feeding bottle. All kinds of beer. There are close to 150 berr-manufacturing companies. This drink brings in the Czech Republic’s budget three quarters of a billion.

Prague is the city where the beer arrives even brought by a train!

You know those huge layouts of toy trains which circulate through cities in miniature, right? Well, imagine a long and wide pub with little train tracks which pass by tables and with trainsets which carry glasses, pints or bottles of beer heading exactly to the table where they had been ordered. This happens in Vytopna Restaurant in Prague.


There are two locations in the capital of the Czech Republic and one in Brno. The one in Brno was opened in the early 2000s and due to its success there, it migrated in Prague. We visited one of the two locations in Prague. The one located in the Wenceslas central market. Right in the heart of the city. A staircase takes you to the first floor where you enter a world of trains.

From the front bar and then on each row lay the train tracks leading to the tables. It is a pub and beer is in power, but the food is extremely good and you can pick something else to drink if you wish (although it would be a pity …).

For a better understanding, the steps are as follow. The waiter comes. Takes the order.Leaves. The train track passes by all tables. Shortly, a little train brings the pints of beer at your table and casts the following: “I brought your beer!” Well… not quite like that but similarly, in a manner in which you know it’s your order. It is very funny to witness glasses circulating around the tables and to see them stopping right where they were sent.


  • Beer – from 1.5 euro
  • Soup – from 3 euro
  • Main dish – from 15 euro
  • Salads – from 8 euro
  • Pizza – from 10 euro

The food is exceptional. Literally.Without exaggeration. I ate a delicious strange soup and an appetizing steak.

But beer is the main dish here!

Everything you’ve seen above, the soup, the 2 main dishes, plus desert, beer and coffee was priced at around 42 euro. Too expensive?Too cheap?Depends on everyone in particular. You can take a souvenir from the place where beer was served to you by train.

It is a place we gladly recommend. A restaurant which won’t let you down and which you will definitely recommend to other acquaintances who visit Prague.


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