The Sex Museum in Prague

About an out-of-the-ordinary landmark – the Sex Museum in Prague

Close to the clock in front of which thousands of tourists stand for the tic-tac/tree sounds on a narrow and crowded street, you come across a landmark where people swarm and row in one boat. Some enter, some hesitate. They look and also look behind to see if someone noticed their curiosity.

The Sex Museum

I’m absolutely convinced I got your attention!

sex museum

The crowd hustling at the door is what other attracts other people. You know what is. If there are 10 people looking at something, then it must be interesting, right? A red chair shows you how sexy you are as you sit down. I think it’s kind of random because we’ve seen all kinds of results…

Of course it’s +18 and 250 korunas which means around 10 euro, so it’s not that expensive.

In addition to that, it’s worth it!

It’s a museum. So the idea is to display the history of sex. Or better said, of the way people had sex since back in the old days up until the present. And how resourceful and interested people have been all this time regarding sex. From dildo dolls, old xxx movies (funny and weird) to instruments escalating in resourcefulness. The museum has two floors with old and new objects. No matter the intimacy preferences, you get to see a bit of everything.

Separated by a floor you can see too sex dolls. One is modern and sexy according to nowadays’ standards and the other one is extremely funny-looking but probably considered very attractive in her day. And what’s more interesting is the fantasy of those who preceded us. Each generation had its fetishes and wood was carved into all sorts of things including adult toys. I doubt they were toys made for little girls. Maybe for the big ones!



And this is just the beginning. The funny part of the museum. The one in which, as you pass by the symbol which is present on the hall, you get to the cinema where vintage xxx movies run. The ones I was previously telling you about.

Two floors guide you through the history of sex. Nowadays we speak freely of it and in most western European countries, girls behind windows is something common to see on the streets of the cities. But do you know where this comes from? How peep-shows were invented? A small buggy which was present at ancient fairs and where you had access to a dame’s naked body, by paying. Nothing new, right? But you didn’t know. Now you do!! Here’s the buggy. That’s how it looks like.

Getting further, you know very well the dollhouses for little girls. The ones which are adored and with witch little girls play. It seems that, as a continuation of childhood tradition, they still received dollhouses as a gift, but with less innocent scenes…

Interesting gift, isn’t it?

No more child toys. Let’s get down to serious toys. The ones destined for pleasures. Peoples’ ingenuity in relation to sex is absolutely hallucinating! A collection of objects destined for pleasure which goes through specially designed furniture and reaches to nowadays masks for people with more…different tastes.


And if you imagine that technological progress was limited to the steam locomotive or the bicycle, you are wrong. Every successful invention had a correspondent in the sex industry and single people always demanded more performance. On the other hand, I understood almost everything, but a drill press used for … a different purpose than wall drilling terrified me. What an idea…

Surprising, isn’t it?

The history of the dildo is very interesting. Well, c’mon … of course you know what that is. The history of vibrators, it’s another way to say it.

Since the time when wood was the primordial material and until today when they are made of … I have no idea what they are made of but they look real like in a xxx movie, vibrators have existed and regardless of our opinion probably that until our extinction, they will continue to exist and new inventions will appear

The most freakish exhibits remain those that have to do with the sado/maso side. Both strange and frightening, they make you question the pleasure that comes out of such habit. Without judging, as you are in a place where freedom is in power. But you are allowed to stare. Spikes? Thorns??

Like the ancient shields of virtue. Horrifying and dangerous. Okay … more dangerous for the other than for who wore it.

And the version for men!

All in all, the sex museum in Prague is not a place for the bashful and for the serious and ascetic ones. You will keep your hair on, and you will be surprised and entertained. It’s worth the money and it gives you an hour of relaxation in an environment which we all resort to, but we rarely if not never talk about. And do not worry … there are plenty of people. From young to old.  Women and men. And no one will look strange at you. Because everything that is natural is careless and there’s no wrong in this world. There is only pleasure. A pleasure that we search for, we find and we receive in different ways.

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  1. Thank you very much. Is an interesting museum, right? When I was in Prague I say I must to see this . I was curious and I had a nice surprise. I recommend for all tourists who came in Prague

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