What can we eat in Vienna?

What can we eat in Vienna…?

The wonderful capital of the former empire…

The impeccable elegance… with stunning palaces and gardens. But even here, like back in the days of Neculai, the elder brother, who reached the kingdom with a grievance in the thill, one still gets hungry! I still wonder what the ones who opened the restaurant “Die Centimeter” were thinking. I have no idea, but it is sure that they are very popular as there are around five of them in Vienna.

We entered one of them near the Rathaus metro station. Out in the back, just pass some streets … it’s not hard to get there. On the outside, this place doesn’t give you much chills and you think as you see a few tables outside, where the hack can one eat? Well … you can! Inside it’s the end of any diet! But wait a second, the Dukan tells you to only eat meat, doesn’t it? Well, I think I know where this guy took his inspiration from! This strange name comes from the sausage sold per meter! You can order 20 cm, 50 cm or 2 meters of sausages! Things start to get complicated only when you see the wheelbarrows with food or the dustpans with giant wings or pork rib platters along with sauces. Those of you who are on diet, leave any hope at the entrance, the counting of calories and so on, because one gets fat only by liking you fingers trying all the sauces! In the end you start to wonder how such a giant platter or wheelbarrow finished so fast or… I think that if you ask them to bring you a bucket of wings they bring it to you right away! The boys were comfortable eating with their hands and you finally leave your education behind and risk getting your hands dirty enjoying bits of the poor sacrificed animals!

I would show you the wheelbarrow, but I’m afraid I will get hungry again and put on weight only by looking at this picture! When you leave this place you realize that you’ve spent 40 euro but at least your stomach is thankful! You can check this place out here http://www.centimeter.at/

I honestly don’t know where to start with…maybe with the pork barrel from Schweitzerhaus in Prater park, 17 euro per kilogram, which comes with a little flag, or with the veal soup which is absolutely delicious, from Kristerium restaurant, or with street sausages for 4-5 euro which give you energy to go visit the palace and the gardens and to also climb up hill, or better, I will tell you about the giant schnitzel downtown!


For over 100 years in Vienna, there is a well-functioning restaurant where the schnitzel has its place of honor. Close to the cathedral in the center, after you’ve quenched the urge to see beautiful things, it’s time to quench your stomach but this time in a place representative of the city’s notoriety! Maybe you’ve come across pretty big schnitzels in your lifetime … well, here, size does matter! To be able to really have it on your plate, you have to make a reservation because there are a lot of foodies who crave the same schnitzel. This famous and old restaurant dates back to 1905, it’s called Figlmueller and for 15 euro you can eat the biggest and best looking crusted schnitzel!

From what the waiter told us, the recipe of the schnitzel is the same as the one used 100 years ago. They sure ate good back in those days!

Sweets in Vienna

Of course you can also find sweets in Vienna! Meaning goodies, cakes, cookies, strudels … what would Vienna be without strudels? It’s hard for me to write about them as you probably know the reason. Let’s try to leave the taste buds behind while I tell you in the end about the inevitable sweet temptations.

The Zanoni ice-cream – two steps away from the Saint Stephan cathedral – the heaven of ice-cream lovers… think of an ice-cream you craved and didn’t find anywhere… this is the place!

Demel – the pastry shop and chocolaterie, apparently founded in 1786, which looks like an aristocratic palace and where you can see the behind action in the laboratory, as the confectioners prepare what you are about to taste. You can see them in their lab.

4 euro is the starting price for an elegant box of sweets with never-before-seen taste if you decide to buy a goodie, that is of course after you’ve glanced through the shop front full of cakes, cookies, strudels and other such alike and you’ve decided and changed your mind over and over about what to buy.

Last but not least, I recommend you the total sachertorte experience!With a recipe invented in 1832, this cake has a symbolic price of 6 euro a slice and gives you the ultimate sweet sensation! Forget the way it’s served, forget the way it looks… the taste is divine and if you miss it you will regret for the rest of your life!

I encourage you to taste everything and bon appetit!

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