Hotel Malardrottningen in Stockholm

Hotel Malardrottningen in Stockholm

Malardrottningen Yacht Hotel&Restaurant Stockholm

Before giving you any details on the Malardrottningen Yacht Hotel&Restaurant, i want to askyou if you’ve heard about Barbara Hutton. What about the movie “Poor Little Rich Girl”, have you seen it? Let me tell you a few things about Barbara. Born in New York in 1912, she was the niece of Frank W. Woolworth – you know the famous company and the daughter of Franklyn Laws Hutton, the founder of the E.F. Hutton & Co brokerage company. The wealth of the family was huge and Barbara was one of the starlets of the modern world of those times. The movie “Poor Little Rich Girl” was born from the story of her life. A life with eight marriages, none of them happy, with husbands who took advantage from her wealth, with one single child who died in a plane accident. Farrah Fawcett is the one who made the movie appear on the big screen in a sad story…

The story of the ship, now turned into a hotel, is connected to Barbara Hutton. The yacht was built in 1924 by Mr. C.K. G Billings, a millionaire from New York and was, at that time, the biggest in the world. With the occasion of turning 18 years old, Barbara Hutton received the yacht as a gift from his father. He sold it, however, after a while but inside it you will still find signs of its passing.

It was transformed into a hotel and a restaurant since 1982 and leaves the dock only once every 5 years for maintenance services., one of our partners for this project, helped us to stay here, as it is difficult to reserve a room. The fame, location, the quality of the services and its uniqueness, are what makes a reservation to be difficult to obtain. They are always full and the reservations are made months ahead. But it’s worth every moment!
Malardrottningen Yacht Hotel&Restaurant

Located on the waterfront, 5 minutes away from the Gamla Stan metro station and 5 minutes away from the neighborhood with the same name, the yacht has 61 rooms for tourists.
– Standard cabins
– Double standard
– Captain’s cabin
– Owner’s cabin
Being a yacht, don’t expect a generous space. The beds are bunked, the bathroom is small and only has a shower, and the window, like in the case of any boat, is small and unique.


The boat is moving unnoticeable and when you go to sleep there is a slow and sleep transducer lurch…
Being a hotel&restaurant, it naturally has a restaurant structured on several levels. Whether you serve your meal on the deck, at the window near the sea or in the interior, the sensation is outstanding. The food is in Nordic style. You don’t get the south sensations but it’s tasty and quite diversified.
A holiday in a place like this remains in your mind for a long time. The evening spent outside on the deck with a glass of wine and a cigar, the mornings when your view falls on the oval window, the smell of water, the perpetual smooth motion. All these and other make the accommodation at Malardrottningen Hotel a must at least once in a lifetime!

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