The clubs in Ibiza

The clubs in Ibiza

The craziness from Ibiza!

This year we got to the first time in Ibiza, the famous island where you can party until the morning in the greatest clubs in the world. It’s one thing what you see in the photos, but being there it’s something else. In this article I want to tell you about clubs and about the three clubs we’ve visited. We went to Pasha and Eden in San Antonio and we also visited Ushuaia which, by the way, it’s fabulous. Here, a night before Dj Steve Aoki performed but we couldn’t make it, but the staff of Ushuaia still invited us to see the most famous complex in Ibiza, the second day we only went for a visit, on our way to Formentera Island.

Ibiza doesn’t sleep

During the night. It sleeps during the day. This image was taken in the morning at 9.00 on the beach. Empty!



It’s located in Ibiza Town and it’s very, very cool. Even if you can’t afford to go and accommodate in the complex, as it is only for a certain category of people with high budget, when I got there in June the price of a room in the 5 stars complex located in Playa d en Bossa started from 900 euros, a double standard room, 1130 a suite for 10000 euros, yes, you got it right, it has 166 sq.m and it’s called I’m on the top of the world suite and it’s outstanding, with Jacuzzi on the terrace.

But let’s get back to the club!

When you arrive in Ibiza check their schedule on the website for the month in cause and you can get yourselves a meeting with Blue, Ants, Nervo Nation, Steve Aoki, Avicii, Armin van Buuren, Martin Garrix and many others. The prices range from 35 euros to 50 euros as I can see, but it probably also depends on the period. Unfortunately the program only lasts until September but next year is also a possibility.

Pacha Club

What singularizes the Pacha Club in Ibiza, besides its amazing vibrations, is the fact that it is open all year long, including in extra-season, when other big clubs, like Amensia and Eden are closed. This sais a lot about the type of party people who are drawn to the club, especially during weekends, when Pacha becomes scanty for young Spanish people who want to have fun.

Pacha is recommended for a night of wild clubbing, which you can only have in Ibiza – the rhythms and

style of Pacha Ibiza not ever being surpassed by the other “Pacha” clubs in the world. If you are a tourist and the lonely thing you are carrying in your bag is a decent shirt, Pacha is the ideal place to wear it – that is to be in sync with the locals! Attitude is what you need, so as to “harmonize” yourself with the local people, they prop the bars in the club during the summer weekends.


We went to see David Guetta, at the invitation of the Pacha’s staff who also organized a tour for us and with whom we loved to talk, they are very open-minded who want to show that  Pacha is truly a place you can’t miss if you arrive in Ibiza and want to have fun. It was a fabulous night, which words can’t describe, you have to go and see for yourself, to feel, along with people from all over the world who came for a unique experience. I obviously recommend you to make a reservation for a night in which one of the best DJs in the world mixes. The entrance fee usually exceeds 50 euros, the drinks cost at least 15 euros, and the taxis’ meters tick faster than the beats of Richie Hawtin.

There are more than 20 Pacha francizes in the whole world, including in the most important clubbing destinations in the world, such as: London, New York, Sao Paulo, Madrid… and the list can continue.

You can listen to Vagabundos, Robin Schulz, or the famous David Guetta and friends who come here pretty often. Check the schedule and reserve and online ticket.

Eden in San Antonio

Here you can meet anytime with celebrities; we were invited to spend a night here by the club’s staff. We stayed here a while and we had the privilege not only to taste the atmosphere, but also to see the back stage. The invisible part of a club. It is amazing to see how things are coordinated so that everything runs perfect in the front. The organization is flawless, from the entrance, to the toilets. No indecent outbreak lasts more than 30 seconds and it seems as if the bodyguards arise from the floor. The music and the lights are an electric combination and they get to you on the dance floor. Full of party people, with dancing girls who sometimes hang from the ceiling, it’s a boom for the senses! 5000 people fit in the parties given in this club and the round dance floor and the balcony are famous all around the world.

Thank you for the hospitality and the tour! It was great and we want some more!

They have a youtube channel. It’s worth a look.

Other clubs

  • Amnesia – Amnesia is located half way from the main road between the towns of Ibiza and San Antonio, in the village of Sant Rafael, it is famous for its foam parties and it is open from June until September. It was included in top 5 European clubs, if you want to reserve a VipTerazze package it will cost you 300 euros or 250 euros for the Main Room. It’s expensive but supposedly it’s worth the money!
  • Privilege – it’s one of the coolest in the world, as a matter of fact, also the biggest in Ibiza having the capacity to welcome 10000 people, entering with this, in the Book of Records for the biggest outdoor club, and it is open from June until September. It also has 20 bars but the drinks are quite expensive, the ticked doesn’t have anything included but the entrance fee.
  • EsParadis – famous for its aquatic parties, it is located in the center of San Antonio resort, right in front of Eden where we were. We couldn’t get in EsParadis as they opened the next day when we were supposed to leave, but next time we won’t miss it.
  • Space – located on Playa d en Bosa , it is open all year long, has a wild show and the coolest animators. It is also open during the day and has its close and constant clients. We didn’t go, but next time we’ll try it.
  • Bora-Bora – free entrance!!! Do you need any more details?


These are pretty much the prices. And you can buy the tickets anywhere! Anywhere you accommodate, you can get to either club by the Disco Bus which runs all night from the 27th May until the 2nd October. For the bus schedule click here.


One above the other, it’s worth having an unforgettable experience, even if you are over 40 years as we are … I loved it I most certainly will try this experience again when I get back in Ibiza. is a project initiated by Pati and Dan, two people passionate about travelling. So far we’ve visited over 50 countries and we like to say that the list remains open. We highlight as many details as possible from every journey, real information and images for you. We invite you to enter our world, if you haven’t done that already, to travel with us, to become a member of our family. The perfect journey exists! Let’s discover it!

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