Turbo pass Atena

I visited Athens for the second time and this time I used Turbo pass.

Turbo Pass is a system present in several cities in Europe and in the world. Therefore, Dubai, New York or Cape Town stand alongside with Rome, Venice or Berlin, cities where you can use this system. Every city is unique, as well as the facilities offered by Turbo Pass for every city. However, there is a similarity as well. The free entrances for a multitude of museums and the free transport together with the discounts for a lot of stores and restaurants.

Athens is a wonderful city. We visited it for the first time last year and we liked it a lot. We wanted to return because it is close to home and it is worth it. We revisited famous sights and discovered new ones. In three days in this city you have to go on a number of rounds between the destinations in order to visit everything you have in plan. The public transportation is very well organized and although on the surface it seems like it is very crowded on the subway, it is the ideal way to get somewhere quickly and comfortably. There are so many things to do and sights to see in Athens. Surprisingly, for a city which does not change too much from one year to the other, you can always have new discoveries in places you have previously visited.

In our case, it was easy. You can pick up your city pass from the airport at One Exchange points. And how hard can it be to exit the airport, pick up your card and then get to the subway station on the way to the city? You also have a One Exchange point in Piraeus, in case you get there through the city or by ferry. Otherwise, you can easily receive it by mail after you buy it online and you can have it with you from home.

Athens City Pass is available in three categories starting from 29.90 euros for 72 hours.

  • Mini
  • Classic
  • Complete

A city break is much easier when you have so many advantages:

The advantages of the city pass are countless.

  • Public transportation including subway for 72 hours and unlimited number of trips.
  • You only have to validate the ticket for the first trip.
  • Free entrances for museums, including Acropolis Museum, Acropolis and Parthenon.
  • Hop On- Hop Off available for two days and three different routes.
  • Guided tour in Athens and Piraeus during summer.
  • Guided tour in Piraeus by small train where you can see the huge port.
  • Fast Pass for a number of sights (entrance before the line).
  • Discounts between 10%-50% for different museums, restaurants and stores.

Along with the card you will find a brochure with the city’s main attractions, the amenities and free entrances, as well as a map.

For many of the Turbo Pass clients, the two days of travelling by hop on- hop off bus are the most interesting ones. Having three routes which practically cross the city through all the main attractions and an audio guide in widely-spoken languages, it is the easiest and most pleasing way to discover the city during the day. You can hop off at the location you want to visit and hop back on for the other stops of Athens on the next bus. Along with these, the small train in Piraeus helps you discover the city and the precious port. This one departs from Terminal 1 in the port and the ride is 45 minutes long.

Museum entrances

A visit in Athens is incomplete and unnatural without a visit to the Acropolis and the Parthenon. Athena City Pass offers free entrance to these attractions, which helps you save around 20 Euros per person. Depending on the category of city pass you have, you can also have access to museums around the Acropolis. It is important to note that there is a significant number of archeological sites which require an entrance fee. Hence, you have free entrance to Agora Antique, Agora Romana, Kerameikos, Hadrian’s  Library and Zeus’ Temple. All these are nearby Acropolis and lovers of history cannot miss this. Also here, visitors can find the New Museum Acropolis, having been opened not so long ago, where there is a gallery containing 5000 pieces.

If you are passionate about numismatics, you have the chance to see 600.000 valuable pieces from the oldest times to modern times in the Museum of Numismatics in Athens. The entrance fee is 15 Euros, but Turbo Pass offers it for free.

History lovers will also appreciate the Byzantine Christian Museum, which is included in the amenities list. Icons, sculptures, manuscripts and every other kind of exhibits from centuries IV-XV can be found within the museum. The entrance fee is also 15 Euros per person, but Turbo Pass offers free entrance as well.

Stores discounts

Turbo pass offers discounts starting from 5%, 10% and 15% at a multitude of taverns, restaurants and stores in Athens. The complete list can be found in the brochure received at the same time with the card.

With Turbo Pass Athens you save money and time. Your holiday becomes relaxing because all the worries have been moved to the access card.

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