My name is Patricia and I am a travel addicted.


Where does my passion for traveling originate? I believe that I have always liked traveling and even when I could not reach my dream destinations, I planned a visit there sooner or later. My first flight was when I was only one month year old. I was taken from the place I was born, Cluj, to Bucharest. I think I truly enjoyed that flight because even now I feel giddy before the airplane takes off. It is like I am free to fly to another adventure. I remember when in my childhood every place I would visit, every camp, every trip was a real adventure. New places, new friends…interesting sights to see. I have always wanted to travel to as many places as possible where I could meet new people and get to know their tradition and culture. I started traveling abroad with my family 8 years ago. The majority of my acquaintances often ask for advice on various destinations, when to buy their tickets, what hotels to choose or what travel agency to contact. I have traveled through Africa, the United States, Canada, Asia in China and in Europe (Belgium, Germany, England, Holland, Austria, Spain etc.).

I think every travel experience enriches our soul through the discoveries. Through this blog, I want you to take a peek into one of my soul full of memories from the places I have seen and to share with you my impressions, which can help in your trips when choosing a destination. If we choose our holiday according to the time and budget limitations then I believe we can have the perfect trip and maybe one day, who knows, create more “addicts”.