Zip line in Malta

Amazing Zip line in Malta

A wire stretched between two high points, on which you hang with a safety system and you slip. That is the definition.

I had previously done this in Aventura Park, in Romania, over a lake but what I felt in Malta has no comparison. MC Adventure is a company in Malta, which offers addicting sensations to daring people in love with adrenaline. Zip-lines, rock climbing, kayak, snorkeling, or mountain biking are only a few in the offer. Some crazy people having maximum fun with other crazy people, willing to try extreme things. They play with extreme sensations.

I went to Migra Fehra. This is somewhere far from any house, by the sea, between two huge cliffs at a height of 50 meters and over 150 meters in distance. Seen from the cliff, the zip-line looks impressive but when you reach the peak it turns into a mini nightmare. Malta has high and rocky coasts in most shore areas. They go up to tens of meters from the water and if you look down you instantly start feeling dizzy. The ones from MC Adventure found a place, in Migra Fehra, as I was telling you, where two cliffs form a mini gulf. Between these two cliffs, they stretched a steel wire on which they hang you with a safety system, and then you slip above the water from the highest point to the lowest.

A trip of 10 to 15 seconds, which seems like an eternity, during which you float above the water that brakes on the rocks. Tied with the strap to the waist, it is interesting and hard. You need courage to make an edge in the gulf and unlimited trust in the safety system. This is a way of experiencing the zip-line to a maximum for the truly brave ones. The system changes, they tie something to your back and you essentially throw yourself into the unknown. Your hands are not tied to anything. It is a type of flight with Superman or Batman. It is UN-BE-LIE-VA-BLE. In the first couple of seconds after you jump you feel like you are floating. You are floating 50 meters above water. The water is so far from you and it looks so close. The water makes noise, it “struggles”, hits on the rocks, and makes the white foam. You slip over that. UNBELIEVABLE SENSATION.

The fear is mixed with pleasure. Your heart feels like it is exploding out of your chest and although you want it to finish as soon as possible, you also want to capture everything around you and register everything you are seeing and feeling. The first time I tried the zip-line, I tried the classic style. I hugged the rope and slipped to the other cliff. Wonderful. The second downhill truly made my heart skip a bit. They put the safety system backwards and told me: “courage!”. In front of you is the edge and the water is underneath. You have to be brave to jump, to float. After that…you can fly. I have never jumped with a parachute before (yet) but I assume the feeling is similar. I will do that too at one point…super experience! I want you to understand exactly. It is not dangerous. I mean…it is but the safety systems are super advanced and the instructors have done this thousands of times. It doesn’t harm you at all. It is just the fear. At the same time as I had this experience, there was also a group of young Russians and girls of 18-20 years old, who did it with no worries. Then, they went rock climbing. So this experience is for anyone!

You only have to wish and to be daring! The team that is present helps you with the equipment and takes care of your safety. They are professionals. Even a guy who was dead scared in the beginning, managed to go down the zip-line. You have no reason to be truly scared. You have to fight your fears! You only have to contact MC Adventure, schedule a trip there (it only works with reservations), to go there, be brave, and jump! Then, tell the people around you that it is not only about your courage but also about the wonderful experience. If you have done this in Malta, or anywhere else, comment with your impressions.

This project was sponsored by MC Adventure Malta, Malta Tourism Authority, and Wizz Air.

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